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Being a multicultural and cosmopolitan country, Malaysian food is derived from a number of traditions and cultures. There is a profound Multi-racial impact on the local Malaysian food. For instance, rice (which is a staple diet for most Malaysians), is served in a variety of ways. From short grained Japanese rice and fragrant rice from Thailand to Basmati rice from India and local varieties of rice, there is a lot to choose from and the choice stems from the cosmopolitan tastes of Malaysia and Malaysians.
Mee, Mee Suah and Yee Meen are some varieties of noodles- another popular dish amongst Malaysians. Noodles are served in all shapes, tastes, sizes and colors and form an integral part of Malaysian food. Rice noodles are particularly popular here as they taste better than the standard noodles made out of wheat or other grains. Rice noodles are also better in color and healthier as compared to other alternatives. Apart from rice and noodles, Indian breads such as naan, roti and chapati are also an accepted part of the local food here- thanks to a dense Indian population in Malaysia.

Poultry items are quite common in Malaysian food. Chicken is one of the most commonly used meat items and is also one of the cheapest sources of vegetable fat in Malaysia. Malaysians love their hens and Chicken curry, tandoori chicken and other Indian chicken-based recipes are an integral part of Malay food. Besides chicken, beef, pork (though in small quantities as Malaysia has a strong Muslim influence) and fish are also regular ingredients of local recipes.

Ikan Bakar, which is the local name given to grilled/barbecued fish, is one of my personal hot favorites when it comes to picking the best out of Malaysian food. The Nasi clan of recipes, which are based on different types of rice, are also a hit amongst the local inhabitants of Malaysia. Paprik, Goreng and Damang are three of the most famous and popular recipes belonging to the Nasi dishes. Apart from rice and noodles, soups are also a part of typical Malaysian food. Some of the most popular soup recipes from Malaysia are Soto and Lantong. Apart from soups, two of the best hardcore non-vegetarian recipes from Malaysia are Ayam Percik, which is meat with spicy sauce and Serunding, which is prepared by using shredded meat in a mixture of various spices and local sauces.

Chinese and Indian dishes are also a favorite amongst the locals here. Biryani (mixture of rice and chicken/mutton), Idli (a steamed dish made out of rice and served with coconut sauce) and Bak Kut the (A Chinese soup made out of garlic) are some such recipes.

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